Why The Trunki Freddie Is Not Just Another Kids Suitcase

Children are God’s gift to earth. They should be treated with tender care and exemplary kindness. They are our future and for this reason, they should be revered and treated as kings and queens. When they are cared for, they will care for others well and in the long run they will implement the change that all adults talk about. One can say that little ones are stars on earth. They brighten up our world just as stars brightens up the galaxy. They do not know how to bear a grudge unless we teach them.

Never would you see a youngster cursing unless he has learned it from somewhere. Youngsters are also experimental and have a knack for exploration. This behaviour can be encouraged by travel and seeing new places. Surely there is no greater way to do this than on a family vacation? This being true, then there is probably no better way to enjoy the holiday than by having a Trunki Freddie.

The Trunki Freddie is a fun suitcase that resembles a fire truck. This mini fire truck stores a generous amount of clothes and belongings, as you would expect from any other suit case. But, if you seriously want to win over your little one while travelling, this suit case offers so much more. It also gives the child a fantastic ride on toy to play with during delays, and stimulates their imagination to boot. The Trunki Freddie arrives complete with a fire man’s helmet and axe. This means that your little one to enjoy pretending to be a fire fighter and have adventures fighting imaginary fires wherever they go.

Manufactured in the brightest fire engine red, with yellow and blue stripes, black straps and wheels, plus blue headlamp horns, Freddie certainly has a colourful and friendly appearance. Is there a far better way to develop the imagination and inventiveness of your child or entertain your little one while travelling than through play? This suit case also ensures that your little one is not bored, and the energy in them does not go to waste. As an alternative to them using their energy on being a nuisance, they will use their energy on imagining, and role playing, which will help the time to pass much more pleasantly. It is not just a suit case, it is a vital piece of travel kit for ensuring family harmony.

The Trunki range of suitcases were the world’s first ride-on suitcases for globetrotting tots. It is really designed to allow children to pack, sit-on, and ride their own luggage, while allowing mother and father to keep an eye on them. Apart from carrying wardrobe wear, this suitcase is the perfect way to carry your little ones toys and games on the aeroplane as they can be used as hand luggage on the majority of airlines. It is best to check this before travelling however just to make sure.

The suitcase also has the following unique functions. It has 18 litre capacity, sturdy locking catches, and an Identification label attached to the shoulder strap. In addition to this it contains a teddy bear seat belt and two secret compartments to hide tasty treats, and comes with a Trunki passport.

The Trunki Freddie really is a must for anyone travelling with kids. It may seem an additional expense, but if you shop around and get a good deal you will not regret purchasing one of the great design success stories of recent times.


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