When to Throw a Housewarming Party

Throwing a housewarming party is a great excuse for you to invite your friends and family over to check out your new place!

Typically a housewarming party is reserved for the first home that you purchase, not necessarily the first home that you are renting. A housewarming party can also be for a condo or townhome, not just a single family home. The typical timeline for housewarming parties is within three months of moving into a new home, but that is certainly not a hard and strict rule.

Many new homeowners choose to wait until they’ve settled in a bit before inviting friends and family over. This can mean unpacking everything or it can just mean unpacking the necessities and making sure all the rest is tidy enough for guests.

If you are doing improvements on the home, then you may choose to wait until all the dust has cleared before having people over. And home improvements can sometimes take a long time, so don’t feel obligated to get everything you need done within three months. If you are choosing to host a housewarming party after completing a home improvement project, then it might be fun to display before and after pictures for your guests, just in case they were not able to come by before the project began. And it can be fun to keep photos of your home as it was originally for future reference.

Some people also choose to have a housewarming party after a major remodel and not necessarily because they just moved in. If you have lived in your home for years, but have recently added a new pool, guest house, or even just an additional sun room, then it may be fun to have your friends and family over to celebrate the “new” house. Again, it would be great if you could display before and after pictures for all your guests to see.

Other people may choose to wait until the weather is nicer to throw a party, so that they can host it in their new backyard or so that they can enjoy the new pool. So if you moved in the dead of winter, consider just waiting until spring or summer for your party – that way your guests can enjoy all the fun reasons you purchased the home in first place, too! Also, nicer weather will allow you to have a barbecue and maybe set out some fun lawn games outside, rather than keeping all of your guests inside.

It’s clear that there is not strict protocol to adhere to when deciding when to throw a housewarming party. You just have to consider the timing, how you feel about the state of your new home, and when it would be best for your guests to enjoy the place. It really is up to you; in fact, you may be so excited that you want a housewarming party the day you move in! Your friends and family may not really care about the state of your home, rather, they just want the opportunity to celebrate this great accomplishment with you.


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