What Can We Say? A Great Day to Show Dad Some Much-Needed Appreciation Is Also Known As Father's Day

Father's Day is here! This is the time of season and the time of year when dad feels the most loved and appreciated! Dad's are the amazing heads of household, that can really mold children, family members and wives into really good souls! A head-of-household is more than a much coveted tax allowance, it is many years of dad being present in all facets of mind, Spirit and soul wanting to mold his family into happy, healthy, grounded human beings that can take care of themselves with or without his help.

Growing up in Texas, I always looked forward to celebrating Father's Day, as if it was the Fourth of July or even President's Day!

Why you ask? Because my dad held a very near and dear position in my life, heart, mind and upbringing. He was the string that held the family unit together. Dad never tried to be a friend, even though he could be friendly. He always did the right thing and always made sure to let me and my sibling's know our limits and boundaries. There were never any surprises or unplanned events that did not get described, denoted or prepared by my dad before things were concretely expressed by dad to ALL family members.

My dad was also in a lot of respects a great support, friend and counselor to me, my sibling's and even to my mother. He knew how to be friend-like, though to still be a father. There was his grounded way of thinking and processing discipline whether by teaching, or learning from each child how to prepare for the next one. He was always flexible and able are ready for new discovery in the child-rearing process. That's what I miss the most in my life, is each and every interaction with the man that we all called dad. IT'S always pretty cool when a father acts and conducts himself like a dad too! You know what I'm speaking about? A time when he engaged in silly dance moves to pacify you, and eating popcorn together in the living room- that's what dads do!

Whether you honor your father or love your dad, just be glad to know the man and show him love and support as much and as often as you can.

A father or a dad is an amazing man, and I appreciate mine and your's too! Celebrating father's this Sunday, today, everywhere in any nation or from any land is the matter for us to observe at-hand!

Even my mom would slip sometimes and call my father dad, when she thought that nobody else could hear her: Of course, I did!

It is never too late to get to know your dad or father-like figure and to reap the benefit of their wisdom, knowledge, life experience or for simple tenderness from an experienced man, who has been a father-like figure to you.

Retired fathers have a lot of time on their hands and would greatly relish an impromptu call from a son or daughter. Give dad a call on a Monday morning, at lunchtime for an invitation to dine for lunch or dinner.

I remember when my dad was newly retired, he would call me a lot at work and I was always too busy to talk, though I did make up for it by surprising him with an unexpected visit to his home or an unexpected Hallmark card, or gift basket.

Later in life, my dad and I got to connect a lot like friends, though he was still dad, and I was still his fourth-born child and we each retained our placements, respectfully. I know that he is looking down at me and that he is happy that we got to make-up for lost time. When I was a child he lived in another state, though I still spoke to him four or five days a week. We always stayed connected. I also wrote my dad letters about three or four times a month and postcards too!

I also called him a lot when I lived overseas and he was greatly surprised! My favorite thing was to take 2 weeks vacation out of the year to visit my dad. I liked to spend quality time with the man I called dad. I enjoyed driving him where ever he wanted to go. We drove all around town or shall I say around many towns and just did fun things that he liked doing. I called those days, dad days.

I recall that I got to spend a lot of time with him more and more as he retired and I moved around for career moves or family moves, though I always made sure to give my dad 10 days to 2 weeks out of the year to spend with him because I knew that he was going to be around forever. My dear dad was a great dad, great father and an amazing person to hang out with and I miss those days so very much.

So as dad know, it's not good-bye, it's wait for me and I'll see you again when I arrive to your house in heaven.

Please keep the coffee warm and the key under the doormat like you always did before. Oh, I dad, I have the chocolate donuts, that you like and the pineapple-filled tarts too, oh yeah and I remembered to pick up the fresh fruit to make you fruit smoothies before I leave for work.

God bless all fathers and dads on your special day! And if your dad is in Heaven, like mine, I invite them to get together and enjoy Sunday brunch at dad's favorite restaurant. Or heck, I'll cook, what do ALL of the father's want to eat? Let me know the menu and I will cook it all for you and serve Sunday brunch at dad's house like I always did before!

*** I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously! ~


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