Upgradable Indoor Play Equipment for All Ages

Indoor play equipment can come in handy when weather refuses to cooperate. If you have children, then you'll know how difficult it is to entertain a child indoors when they can't go out to play. Sometimes puzzles or small toys won't be enough for a toddler's abundant energy. If for some reason your child has to be kept inside the house, indo or play equipment can help your child stay healthy, physically and mentally. Pediatrician's and psychologists both agree that activity is good for both mind and body. Keeping kids active indoors can be quite a challenge.

The right kind of indoor play equipment makes that challenge manageable. For toddler and school-age kids, the miniature play areas or jungle gyms have proven to be quite popular for both the children and parents. A lot of toy companies have cashed in on this but a few are innovative enough to create expandable versions that grow larger as the child gets older. Additional components can be added to make it bigger and more interesting to the child. As we all know, children tire of toys rather quickly.

A toddler can start with a simple set up of a small slide. Later on, you can add height and a few steps. After which you may also attach a tunnel or a bigger slide. You can even put a top on the toy or add many other options at a later date. Ball pools have gained so much popular these days and you can add that as an extension or a separate unit. That is the beauty of this kind of indoor play equipment. The child can use them separately or be creative and build them as connecting toys. This stimulates a child's thinking and planning abilities aside from strengthening him physically by building the toys himself.

If your toddler starts to get bored with the toys, you can rearrange it to make it look different. This always works to perk up their interest in the same toy again. You don't even have to spend money to buy new toys for him to become busy again. The indoor toys are usually made of plastic molded parts or cloth covered cushions. There are sets for corners if you want to save space but these can also be installed in the middle of a big room if you want.

Aside from home editions, there are also commercial versions for indoor play equipment. These are much larger in size and contain components similar to park playground equipment. They have bigger and higher slides and climbing bars. Although they are much bigger than the home models, they are non-the-less indoor play equipment.

These indoor toys can also be moved outdoors when weather is good. They are made of heavy duty plastic so it is durable enough for outdoor use too. There are no sharp edges or corners and the sides are usually padded with cushion to prevent injuries. These indoor play sets are usually available in toy stores or large department stores. There are various models and parts that can all be combined from mini gyms to play houses and tot sized working kitchens.


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