Toy Storage Plans – How to Build a Kids Toy Shed

What does your backyard look like? If you have small children or grandchildren then your backyard may look a lot like mine did when the kids were small. A good visual picture would be if you imagined a small windstorm had just taken apart a small toy factory that stood right next door to your house. So if you are seeing brightly colored toys of all sorts scattered about the yard with practically no corner untouched then you know what my backyard used to look like.

When it came time to mow the yard I would have to spend a good deal of time just picking up the toys. And who knows what the neighbors were thinking? Well actually, I did hear through the grapevine that at least a few of the neighbors were not pleased with the sight of our backyard at any given time. So wanting to be a good neighbor I decided to do two things. First to teach the kids to pick up after themselves so I did not have to spend my limited time doing it; and second to build an outdoor toy shed so that the kids would know exactly where everything should go.

That day was a new beginning for us and undoubtedly a relief for the neighbors. I spent the better part of a week looking at the kid’s toys and trying to design a toy shed to hold it all. Spending that much time in the design is not something I would ever need to do again. There are so many good backyard project plans available now days that anyone can choose one and make a few personal modifications and have the entire project done in the time it took me to get the plans completed.

Most backyard woodworking projects can be easily accomplished by the average homeowner with minimal experience and just a few basic hand tools. Of course power tools like a circular saw, drills, table saws and routers are great and most homeowners already have at least a couple that I mentioned and maybe more. If there is one thing that will help you set your kids toy shed apart from an “average” home project is starting with a good set of plans.

High quality plans are readily available online. The designs available are countless but not all plans are equal so do your homework and be sure the plans that you select are easy to read and have a complete materials list. I know that soon your backyard will become an attractive and fun place for all and not a distraction for the neighbor’s eyes.


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