Themed Chess Sets – Cops and Robbers

Both sides of the law exist in this confrontation. Images of the law verses their arch enemies date back to early film and writings. It could be the Jesse James gang holding up trains on horseback, or Bonnie and Clyde making a getaway in their 1934 Ford Deluxe Sedan. It could also be kids playing in the street with sticks for guns and bicycles for their fast getaway. As long as we have laws, we will have those that operate outside the law. This has turned into a billion dollar form of entertainment. We see the matchups in television shows daily, in blockbuster movies with unexpected twist and turns but ultimately it seems that the law will 'get their man'. However, if they get away, then there is always room for a sequel or round 2.

Dating back to the earlier 1900's however the style of clothes, cars they drove and weapons of choice really symbolize what we envision when we think of the old school 'cops and robbers'. The long double breasted jackets, trench coats, women in pencil skirts and fedoras or berets on their heads are representative of the way they dressed for this time period. The history of the infamous robbers from this time period has been depicted in many movies, books, video games, and now in board games too.

The themed Cops and Robbers chess set has all the classic dress, uniforms, and props of the early 1900's ongoing altercation between these two sides of the law. Whether the good wins out over evil in your meeting of the minds, remember there is always room for a rematch, or if you prefer a sequel.


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