The Fun of Riding a Mini Motorbike

The mini-bike craze is sweeping the world in popularity. Associations have sprung up everywhere and are dedicated to finding safe ways and safe places to share in the fun of riding minibikes.

Minibikes have been around for many years, they were not as small as they are today, they didn’t go very fast – but no one cared as long as it moved. And with the first generation of enthusiasts graduating to real motorcycles, they share their love of bikes with their families and now there is a whole new generation that has discovered the fun they can have on a minibike.

However, minibikes are now available with engines, brakes, suspension and headlights and horns. They are the absolute identity of the full sized versions. Almost with speeds to match. Some cities have banned the mini motor bikes on city streets and sidewalks because children began seriously injuring themselves by driving on streets where cars could not see them because of the small size of the bikes and the size of the young drivers riding them.

The new pocket rockets and super mini bikes have never been more popular, although there has been an increased number of complaints and probably will be for some time. “They are noisy, low to the ground, too fast and hard to see around cars and trucks.” But some states have adopted strict safety rules. For instance, California requires riders of motorized scooters be at least 16 years old and wear helmets, and the state does not allow riding after sunset.

With the mini bikes getting more faster and more popular then ever, the latest trend after purchasing a minibike is to totally customize it. There are loads of accessories available to personalise your mini bike such as custom saddles, handlebars, headlights, chrome accessories and of course, to increase the power of the mini motor bike.

Although the modern mini motor bike looks like a full sized motorcycle in miniature, it was originally brought in for youngsters to enter the world of two-wheel racing. However, the smartness of these little bikes soon caught the interest of adult riders, even though many of them stand at just two feet tall, on a global scale!

The mini bike offers the ultimate in fun, even to spectators, who fill the stands to watch the excitement, as dare devils perform back flips, wheelies, rail grinds and ramp tricks. From teenagers to adults the stunts are performed with precise timing.

A lot of the fun is in modifying the mini bike and bike chop shops have sprung up all over. Almost every part you can imagine is available on the Internet, all the latest enhancements for the 49cc minibikes. They are built to a max speed of approx 35mph, but with modifications, some have achieved speeds nearer to 60mph!

Since the days of the first imports, prices have plummeted . Today, some of the new mini bikes can be picked up as low as $300, which makes them a less inexpensive toy. And, for the mechanically minded out there, you can also purchase a minibike in kit form for the serious hobbyist who wants to build a fully customized machine.

Although low to the ground, the minibike has gained new stature over the last couple of years, they have become more popular for off-roading, as they manage well on rough terrain and are not damaged by a fall.

What the Harley Davidson is the to the road, the mini bike is to the track.

It’s the King. It’s nippy and loads of fun for all!

Happy and safe motorcycling.


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