The Evolution of Bean Bag Toss Games

The bean bag toss games have been around for years. It is most popular among young children but can be played by adults as well. It was more popular around the 90's but can still be seen played today. The game consists of a small round bag full of beans that is to be pitched into a bean hole (board of wood elevated with hole in it) across a few yards. Each player takes turns tossing the bean bag at the bean hole. If a player makes it in it is considered 3 pints and if they make it on the board it is 1. The game goes on until someone reaches 21 points. Some people also choose to use their own scoring methods and modifications to the game. The toss game has a lot of technical terms that represent different aspects of the game.

If a bean bag lands on the board only it's worth 1 point and is considered an "ace". A "dirty bag" is when the one bag falls onto the ground missing the target. When it is on the edge of the hole about to fall in it is considered a "hanger". A "Jumper" is when a bean bag is tossed and hits another bag and causes it to fall into the bean hole. The bean bag toss could mostly be found in carnivals years ago. If you're lucky you can still find some today. It has been replaced by a few more modern games like Horseshoes.

Over the years the game has evolved and modernized. One such evolution of the bean toss game is the well renowned Haki sack. It still used the small round bag full of beans that the bean bag toss did, except, instead of tossing the bag into a hole players would hit a ball around in a circle only using ones feet. The beans used have to be very lightweight giving it the capability of being tossed easily.

There are a variety of beans that could be used to make the bean bag but most commonly used are the smaller ones. They provide easy tossing and minimal damage if tossed accidentally at another player. The game has been a number one yard game favorite among the generations. It is a fun game for all ages.


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