Spike the Dinosaur – A Review of Comments by People Who Bought Spike

Spike the Dinosaur is a large, remote control dinosaur from Fisher Price(R). He’s proven to be a popular gift for many children. But is Spike the right toy for you and that special, young child in your life?

One of the best ways I’ve found to figure out if a product is likely to be a good purchase is to look at the experiences of those who have bought the product. So I’ve looked through the comments for Spike at a well-known, online merchant. This article summarizes the experiences described in the reviews I found.

As of this writing 35 out of 47 reviews (almost 75%) give this toy dinosaur a 4 or 5-star rating. That’s an impressive rating, especially when you consider that many of the positive reviews were quite enthusiastic (always a positive sign). Many people also expressed that, despite Spike’s relatively high price, the toy was worth the cost.

One reviewer said, “Pictures, video, and even the display in the store do not do this toy justice.” This same reviewer mentions that Spike’s movements are surprisingly smooth and the large size of the dinosaur is a real novelty for kids. The sleep mode, which kicks in after a little time of no activity, is a great feature for preserving battery life.

Another person said her son is almost 4 and can use the remote control pretty well (if he can get it away from his dad). So the toy seems suitable for relatively young children. In another set of comments the writer suggested that Spike may not be suitable for kids aged 8 or older, despite the age range given for the toy. You may want to consider carefully before you give this toy to an older child.

Unfortunately, not everything mentioned about the toy was rosy. Several complaints listed reliability as a problem. One reviewer, who gave the dinosaur only 2 stars, detailed her specific complaint. She returned the toy twice, once because the mouth quit opening and once because the battery would not charge properly. Despite these negative experiences, she still said, “Spike is very impressive and enjoyed by our grandson.” Complaints about the mouth stopping working were mentioned in more than one review, but the manufacturer seemed to provide good customer service to those customers who contacted the manufacturer.

Spike the Dinosaur comes unassembled, but according to one reviewer the assembly instructions are easy to understand.

According to one reviewer, Spike’s sounds include the following:

1. Laughing (Ha ha ha ha haaaaa)

2. Sneezing (Raaaa-chooo)

3. Sniffing (Sniff Sniff Sniff Sniff…)

4. Something that sounds almost like like “Moose meat! Moose Meat!”

5. Grunting (Urgh urgh urgh urgh)

6. Giant Roars (Two Big Roars)

7. Booms (with every step he takes)

8. Music (Optional soft drumming, calypso like)

9. Sleeping snores (zzzz-zzzzz-zzzzz)

Some of the reviewers mentioned that it takes 4 hours to charge Spike’s battery, so if you are giving this toy as a gift, you may want to get the battery out early to charge it, so it’s ready to go when opened by the recipient. And you need 3 AA batteries for the remote. One reviewer noted that the remote works at a distance of about 8 feet.

One person pointed out a really important issue. This won’t affect most people, but if it affects you, you’ll definitely be glad to know it. You cannot use two of the dinosaurs in close proximity to each other. This is because the remote only operates one one radio frequency. So that rules out buying two of the toys and having them battle each other, for example.

Overall, buyers of Spike mostly express a lot of satisfaction with their purchase. Clearly there have been some reliability issues (hopefully by now the manufacturer has addressed these, though there is no way to know for sure). But despite the negatives, most reviewers were very upbeat. And even more importantly, several expressed that Spike was worth his price.

One final thing you might want to consider is that Spike is a pretty large toy, which can make getting him home a bit of hassle. For that reason you might consider buying the toy online for convenience. And you can qualify for free shipping with some online merchants.


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