Rift Puzzles – Secret Locations and Solutions for Two Puzzles in Rift That Yield Lots of Gold

You are about to learn two Rift Puzzles that yield lots of gold, their secret locations and solutions. Rift puzzles are scattered all throughout the world the game is played on, the Planes of Telara. Solving these puzzles can yield lots of gold and important levels of accomplishment. Follow along to learn the secret locations of two high gold yielding puzzles and learn what it takes to solve them.

One of the easier puzzles to solve in Rift is titled: Don’t be Cagey. It yields a good amount of gold, up to 45 depending on your level. For the amount of work this takes, this is an easy and fast way to earn a lot of gold quickly.

This Rift puzzle is located on the north side of Droughtlands. The coordinates are 8336, 6197.

When you arrive at the location you will see 8 cages, all arranged in a circle. What you are trying to do here is find the right cage with the treasure chest in it.

What you have to do is match the colored gem that flashes on the outside with the same color as the gem on the inside. You do this by clicking on the right color of the outside gem when it lights up. But you need to be quick. If you don’t accomplish the task fast enough you have to start over.

The easiest way to solve this is to have a friend look at the back of the cages and tell you what the correct color is while you move from cage to cage clicking on the appropriate button when it lights.

Another favorite Rift puzzle is named, A Classic Treasure. This puzzle is located in Shimmersand. The coordinates are 6420, 7715. Once accomplished it yields as high as 50 gold.

When yo arrive at the location you will find a game board. The objective is to click lights on the game board until only one is left.

The secret is that this is played exactly like the classic game, Chinese Checkers. Just click on a light then click on an unlit button over another lit one, as if it was jumping over the second lit button. The light you clicked over will go out. Keep this up until only one light remains. When there is only one light left the game board will explode and you will be left with your treasure.


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