Recycle Your Flowers

In this day and age where everything is going “green,” have you ever thought about recycling your beautiful flowers? Not the traditional way of throwing them in a ditch, your garden, the corner trash can, or some farmers field. The recycling that I am talking about is using your very own rose flower petals to be handmade into forever keepsakes. Yes it can be done. I have experienced it myself, numerous times.

After my mother’s death, I took the roses from her casket and had beautiful keepsake rosaries made for all my siblings. And then after a neighbor’s teenage daughter died in a traffic accident. I asked it I could take the the beautiful rose flower petals, at the funeral home, and “recycled” them into keepsakes for her mom, dad, and two sisters in the form of necklaces, tie tacks key chain and a rosary. Again, I had the opportunity to give a meaningful gift, when a young mother was given roses from her husband at the birth of their 1st daughter.

What a special keepsakes for this precious little girl. Her mother hopes this little girl will use this keepsake on her own special day, her own wedding day. Over the next few weeks I will be posting different articles regarding the misconceptions as well as what to be looking for when you decide to have keepsakes made from your flowers.

I know you feel the same way I do. I no longer, what to give gifts, for the sake of giving. I want to give memories, that are really special. Maybe that is why I have fallen in love with this unique “flower recycling company.”


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