RC Nitro Trucks

RC nitro truck racing is a great hobby. The hobby is relaxing, exciting, but also challenging in many ways. This hobby is a great way to divert your attention from your daily problems and it is a huge thrill.

In recent years, this kind of racing has grown tremendously. There are clubs for this all over the world. These clubs are usually affiliated to a governing body and local, national and international championships take place on a regular basis.

So, before you go and buy a nitro truck, first do some due diligence. These machines can make a big hole in your pocket and if you buy a truck that is too difficult to get running or to control, you will definitely lose interest and waste a lot of money. My suggestion is, visit a few websites and get some information with regard to the different types and models available. This will save you a lot of time and money.

When considering the purchase of a RC nitro truck, you must decide if you would like to spend a lot of time tuning and setting up your new toy or if you want to get out to the track as soon as possible. You get different trucks like the RTR (Ready to Run) versions where a simple run in of the engine is required. This version will get you on the track in no time. Then there are the KIT versions. These trucks require you to build them up from scratch. You will also need to purchase a separate transmitter, receiver and servos for this kind of model.

Whether you just want to play or become a novice racer, the possibilities are endless. Make sure you do your homework before you purchase a RC nitro truck.



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