Radio Controlled Boats, Cars, and Trucks

Boats, planes, automobiles – remote control vehicles come in a myriad of styles and sizes. Regardless of whether your interest is purely recreational or competitive you will be sure to find a radio controlled boat, car or truck to satisfy your desires.

With ever advancing technology influencing every facet of our everyday lives, it’s good to know that its positive effect on remote controlled vehicle operation has relegated what was once a hobby enjoyed by a select group into an ever more popular sport consisting of enthusiasts of all ages and walks of life.

Once the determination is made between whether you want to operate toy grade remote controlled vehicles, which are traditionally sporty, colorful replicas usually based on comic book action heroes or cartoons, or you decide to become a connoisseur of rc vehicle operation by investing time and money into competitive racing models there is no doubt that you will enjoy the fun filled sport of rc vehicle operation.

Fast Electric (FE) radio controlled boats have become the mainstay for most rc hobbyists because of their ease of operation and their low maintenance costs. Those enthusiasts who craved higher speed and optimum performance often used to favor nitro models; however, the main drawback for a lot of neophytes was the extra cost involved coupled with the fact that, due to their size, nitro operated radio control boats require larger bodies of water in order to maximize their true potential. For this reason, many remote controlled vehicle operators have switched to the more efficient electric motor.

Today, many  boats are larger and more efficiently designed so that power is not sacrificed for budgetary concerns.

If your forte is not spending your leisure time on a lake, pond or larger body of water, yet you still want the thrill of controlling a miniature version of your favorite car or truck, then these models are readily available at quite reasonable costs.

The selection of remote control trucks is vast and limited only to your preference between gas, electric and nitro powered operation. Whether you select 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive models your ambition to harness the raw power of radio controlled trucks can be easily realized. There is definitely a truck out there that can more than meet your needs. Reaching speeds of up to sixty-five miles per hour, these rc trucks can quickly graduate from a lazy day out of the house with the kids to an all consuming passion for speed and control – and they offer so much fun and enjoyment that family members of all ages will quickly jump on your band wagon of enjoyment.

Many die-hard, competitive radio control truck enthusiasts swear by the exhilaration of spending an afternoon getting down and dirty with a monster truck. They have nothing but kudos for their power, versatility and the pure fun of operation.

Some scale model remote control trucks are designed to reach and even surpass speeds of up to 30 MPH while maintaining their strength and versatility of easily overtaking and crushing other cars as if they were nothing more than aluminum cans. The beauty of the easily re-charged monster truck can provide hours of enjoyment for both the young and the young at heart.

Radio controlled car hobbyists are quickly jumping on the rc drag racing bandwagon. Again the possibilities are limited only to your budget and imagination. Rc cars are designed for many types of racing including off road, oval track and drag racing. Scale 1/10 replicas of real racing cars have become the favorite of those wanting to set up drag strip circuits measuring up to 132 feet in vacant parking lots or empty streets. These finely tuned remote controlled vehicles are famous for providing fun and exhilaration to operators who can conceivably control the speed so they rip across the allotted area in less than two seconds.

Beginners usually start out with radio controlled cars that are classed as ready to run (RTR), however many enthusiasts tend to opt for models that are upgradeable with optional power-increasing components.

Regardless of whether your preference is for gas, electric or nitro power, some radio controlled cars have been clocked at speeds in excess of 70mph. Available in a multitude of chassis, engines and frame types the radio controlled cars of today are built to meet the recreational and competitive needs of hobbyists and competitors alike.


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