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Usually the most common outdoor games require a certain skill level, or some type of equipment to play properly. But, the most fun games played outside are most often the games that are simple, cost no money, and can be enjoyed by everyone (regardless of skill level or age).

The next time you are planning a BBQ, picnic, party, family get-together, family reunion, or are just outside in the back yard or at the park – try this extremely fun new version of the classic game of Kickball. While Kickball technically is a sport – there is really no athletic ability required for this fun outdoor’s game. Children, adults, families, and groups of all sizes and ages will love this new and fun version of this classic game!


# of Players: 8 or more

Objects Needed: 2 Balls (larger bouncy balls)

Playing normal kickball is just not exciting enough – now 2 people kick at the same time! The game is played the same way that normal kickball is played (which is simply playing baseball, but the pitcher will roll a soft bouncy ball and the batter kicks the ball instead). Thus, with two people kicking, the pitcher will have to roll 2 balls at once for the pitch, and the 2 players up to bat will each kick their own ball and simultaneously run the bases together. However, the two teammates will run the bases in opposite directions. One player will run the traditional route from 1st base to home base, but the other player will run to 3rd base first, then 2nd, to 1st, and then back home in order to score a point for their team.

Like baseball, and the normal kickball, if a pop fly is caught, or a runner is tagged by the ball, or the fielding team touches a base on a forced out, that counts as an out. But, the fielding team can also throw the ball at the player’s running from base to base, and if hit, it too counts as an out. In the event that two players end up at the same base, that is just fine in this game. Lastly, if a player gets 3 strikes or 5 foul balls, it is an out; and if one player kicks it and the other player strikes or kicks foul, the player who kicked it will still run the bases. The team with the most points after 5 innings, or whichever team scores 30 runs first is the winner!


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