New Born Baby Gifts – What You Should Remember

Gifts for children: toys, the right choice.

Through play the child explores his body, relationships with parents and peers and the world around him. The game helps to develop the language of crisis and cause, and to develop skills such as muscle strength, balance and coordination of movements. Invites the child to let free their imagination and improvise.

Yet, throught play the child acquires more attention, to create friendships while learning to cooperate. The team play helps the child to find how they think and feel other people, what it brings approval or disapproval and understand the consequences of their actions on others.

Categories for baby Gifts

– Toys that help produce physical and muscle strength, such as trolleys and toys that require pull or push (bicycles, scooters, skate board).

– Toys that help develop understanding and coordination of hand and eye, such as puzzles, blocks, set construction and building.

-Games that help develop the senses (touch, sight, hearing, smell, taste) like musical instruments, modeling clay, construction sets with clay, tape recorder, telescope, and toys that create sound or pictures.

– Games for the development of social skills and imagination, like dolls, dollhouses, kitchen, stuffed animals, plastic figurines, trains, airplanes, cars, games and books.

– Games for the development of artistic and creative tendencies, observation and logic games, as set painting, set design jewelry, looms, chemical kits, kits for experiments, plastic animals.

– Games to develop skills that help in reading and arithmetic, such as cubes and magnetic boards with letters and numbers, books, cassettes and CD with songs and stories.

Remember: – The expensive toys are not necessarily the best.

– The most popular games are not the only which the babies likes.

– Simple, classic toys (balls, dolls, stuffed animals, blocks) are still touched by the children, because they admit them to let their imagination free and create many issues for game- that’s why these games have stood the test of time.

What games to choose.

Baby gifts

– Toys sufficiently large for the baby not to swallow, unbreakable, washable and have no sharp edges or small pieces that can be pulled and go. We should always try to buy toys with non-toxic materials that could be harmful for the health of our children

– Toys with bright colors and different textures – Games with sound and color that are addressed in different senses.

– Games that the baby can look forward to, put in his mouth and throw down.

– Soft stuffed creatures – games that require traction or momentum.

– Games that come to one another.

– Books for Babies


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