Moms Are Sexy Too

Whether they are teenagers or senior citizens, college professors or stay at home moms, doctors or lawyers, Indians or Latinas, mothers all over the world are showing that they can be sexy.

When a teenager finds herself pregnant it can never be a comfortable situation. Whether the father sticks with her or not, a teenage mom can never be really prepared for the responsibilities of parenting. It is likely that most of these pregnancies are unplanned; this often results in plans or even goals being postponed are abandoned. It is therefore refreshing to see young teenage moms who manage not only to stay healthy and progress with their lives but they maintain their allure. Some like young celebrities like Solange Knowles are lucky to have the financial and parental support but teen moms should not be afraid to ask for help. Support groups are out there so just ask; you can get back on your feet, go back to school and still look good.

The senior moms too are not to be outdone. As societies around the globe have become more health conscious we see seniors taking steps to keep fit and look good. Some moms in the over sixty age group are giving their younger affiliates strong competition. Whether it is via tucks, lifts, good genes or exercise older moms are looking good too. The ability to get instant information on all manner of products both natural and synthetic on invasive and non-invasive procedures and on opinions as to what constitutes sexy, beauty and attractive has boosted this growing trend.

Then there are the moms who are professionals. The sixties did the world are favor with the advent of gender equality. Women have demonstrated that they are all that. We have over the last forty or so years seen the evolution of super woman. These super moms are amazing, they are astronauts like Ellen Baker, college professors like Sara Seager, first moms like Michelle Obama, work at home moms like Cyndi Webb and lots more. Somehow these women are excelling at providing for their families, creating business opportunities, influencing young minds and doing this all while looking hot.

There are tons of examples of women of all ages and races just rocking it. You don’t have to be a celebrity either. Just look around your neighborhood and I am sure you can find fabulous moms who are black, white, plus size, skinny, athletic or delicate who have refused to acknowledge frumpy. They have caught on to something and this mother’s day we should show our appreciation to them for not only contributing to our development but also doing so while making it easy on the eyes and especially on the soul.

Sons and daughters, hug your sexy mom!



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