Mervyn King Darts – Why They Are the Perfect Shape For Almost Every Darts Player

Its pretty obvious when you think about it. One of the most common faults and complaints from the amateur darts player is grip, and more importantly, a consistent grip. I mean, how can you expect to improve your game if you don't hold the dart in the same place each time you step up to the oche?

This is why the home made design of the Mervyn King Dart makes perfect sense. The way each barrel has a contour / curve at the back and the front makes it perfect for you to put your fingers and thumb onto the dart in the same position each and every time. Now Mervyn King is world class darts player but its because he has one of the fundamentals of playing darts down to a perfection.

He has since developed the design of the Mervyn King Darts, with the help of Datadart, who produce and distribute the Mervyn King Darts range to specialist darts equipment shops such as Darts Corner. The new range of darts has an extra curve which means there are now 3 distinctive curves on the barrel and come in 3 new designs. Apart from the design I just mentioned, the darts are also available with the Phantom Grip on the barrel. Its called the Phantom Grip as its quite hard to see on the actual darts unless you look quite closely. The Phantom Grip consists of Micro Grooves running around the contour of the barrel for even extra grip which is especially beneficial for those with sweaty hands. The final design is the Golden design which Mervyn King now actually uses. The Golden tungsten provides a better grip than standard tungsten darts.


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