Intense Play With StarCraft the Board Game

The StarCraft board game is an intense and well designed game which can be played by up to six players. Long lasting sessions are enjoyed by players while having the chance to prove their strategic skills.

The popular Blizzard science fiction computer video game StarCraft has made its way to various platforms. First on personal computers, then migrating to the Nintendo 64, the Board Game came next and development of the StarCraft II is nearly complete and set for a 2010 release. The board and development was created by Fantasy Flight Company and uses a unique strategy based style which incorporates the need to progress and conquer the other players. The overall playing style can easily be described as similar to the original computer version but with elements of greater involvement in the actual game.

Contents Included In The Set

The StarCraft board game includes the three races specific to the storyline and offer an amazing array of ways to play the game with 27 navigational routes to connect the 12 planets (a 13th planet was offered by Blizzard as a promotional giveaway). The complete set contains 180 plastic figurines with dozens of unit types as well as a modular board and a card based combat system. There are 325 cards to use, more than 300 tokens and much more. Playtime can easily last anywhere between 2-6 hours and skilled players can conquer their foes in less time.

Small Learning Curve

This does not require too much background knowledge for people to play. Players as young as 12 years old could understand how to play the amazing strategy based play style. The only real requirement is reading and applying the instructions and the command based system for each turn. The players could easily learn how to play any and all sections of the game with a few sessions. Of course, strategy is something that must be learned by each player on their own terms and those who do not grasp the concept of strategy will have difficulties with playing against others. Complete beginners who have not played the original computer version will have to learn the roles of each game piece for the race they choose to play.

Conquering the Galaxy

Popularity of the game is growing, especially as the release of StarCraft II is on the brink of occurring. Playing a game of StarCraft the board game or using the newer BroodWar expansion which adds an additional 6 plans and even more units to play with. The expansion also adds elements such as mind control to take control of other player's units. The possibilities are endless for every round and you are guaranteed to never have two games play out exactly the same. It is entirely possible that a 12 year old could beat an experienced 30 year old player because the skills required to play are minimal aside from understanding the simple mechanics. Taking advantage of practice with many games is always beneficial towards advancing your skills with StarCraft the board game.


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