How To Conceive A Girl?

Girls are the best creations. They grow up to be lovely women, caring daughters and doting mothers. They are the other half of the human race. They are great advice givers and not just a tender being. They are the weaker sex no more.

Grace defines her, and she will always be there for you.

Dad and mom, get her room custom made, she likes it done neatly.

Here are some few steps to start giving her a name and call her your daughter.

The father decides the gender of his child and XX makes it a female. The female genetic code carrying sperms called genosperms are larger and slower than their male counterpart,the androsperms; like the long distance runners.

So to create a girl, the sperms have to be released quite far away from the egg, such that the androsperms lose out and only the genosperms remain. Also if coitus is done on the 12th or 13th day of the menstrual cycle, the genosperms only survive as the androsperms die out in that environment, thus ensuring a female baby.

If intercourse is done regularly the androsperm/genosperm ratio gets lowered, that is the genosperms increase and results in a girl.

The female genetic code carrying sperms or genosperms survive better in acidic environment, so to make sure that you have a girl child use vinegar while having sexual intercourse.

In test tube baby fertilization or in vivo fertilization, to increase the chance of the baby formed being a girl, the glucose content is to be reduced in the nutrient medium else more glucose concentration will reduce the chance of a baby girl being born.

Dietary habits also play a very important role in gender determination. While potassium and iron increase the chances of a baby boy being formed, magnesium and calcium increase the chances of a baby girl; studies have shown. But for this dietary practice to be effective, preparations have to be made quite before, one and a half years before actually planning the baby. And the only sacrifice to be made is to cut down on your potato intake, to make your child a girl. Mineral content in the mother’s blood also plays a role to make the child a girl or a boy.

Soft spoken, docile and always adjusting mothers are at a higher chance of making a girl child, for it suggests that androgens do not surround her eggs much. Strange isn’t it, as how would a female body have androgens? Well androgens or the male hormones are secreted by the kidneys in both male and female. This is the hormonal regulation to create way for a girl child being conceived.

Are there pink and red clothes already waiting for her, mom?

Will she have a doll or a bike as her fifth birthday gift, dad?

I bet her college funds are already set aside.

Be the proud parents of your little baby girl. She loves you.



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