How To Choose a Gift For Your Kid

I don’t know about you, but choosing a gift for my kid has always been a special task for me. Sure, I could have always bought him something out of the store, some toy that walked or made sirens that the seller talked me into and there my job was done, but I wouldn’t be complete with myself and my feelings and that is because I think your kid should deserve the best and the toys and gifts he loves and enjoys to play with, so bare with me here a little and get to know how to choose your kid the perfect gift.

We’re nearing Christmas and it’s time to buy something special for our loved ones. Each and every year, more and more toys are being added to the stores, new companies come up with their new sets and old and reliable companies keep producing new series, it only adds to the confusion what to buy and how to choose. So, here are the steps you should take before getting your next gift.

1) Know your child – Yes, not every kid loves cars, racing or action figures. Some kids prefer construction games like LEGO or Erector toys so it is very important you know your kid, his hobbies, his toys. Take a look around his room, try to remember old gifts you bought him which he loved to play with, check out which toys are out there on the floor being played with and which toys are deep in his closet or gaining dust. It’s really a matter of a few minutes. Write down on a piece of paper so you won’t forget it and you’re done with step one – knowing the type of toys your kid prefers to play with.

2) Check if there’s a TV show related to the toys – This is extremely important and the reason for it is, if there’s a TV show that’s related to your kid’s toys, he’ll love it even more. Kids that watch TV shows, cartoons and everything they love tend to act like the action figures they see and imitate their moves, voices and world. They get into that world shown to them on their TV program and then they imitate the same with their own toys, creating their own world. In this case, if you know of a TV show that your kid loves very much and watches it passionately and does not miss a single episode of it, try and see if there’s a toy or an action figure of this show sold and chances are you will find these toys. Today’s favorite shows by kids are “Ben 10” and LEGO’s “Hero Factory” so look to see if your kid is fond of these shows.

3) Know what’s popular today – It is important to know what is popular today and who addresses our kids. Follow a bit the TV commercials for kids and see which toys are advertised for them on the news, TV and the Internet. Feel the “vibe” of what is cool and what’s not. Buying a toy that your kid already forgotten about is not recommended since it will probably be one of those toys that gathers dust, so it’s important to know what your kid wants for his birthday and Christmas before purchasing the gift and/or toy.

4) Which toy do you prefer for your kid – No, it’s not a mistake. Now that you know how to choose a toy for your kid, hold on a second and think – What toy do you prefer your kid should be playing with. All toys are great at some point and playable, but there are toys with no value to your kid just for the fun of the play and there are many toys today that are also educational, fun and help develop creativity and initiative, so with these toys your kid has a lot of fun and he’s also learning and developing various skills at the same time. Some of these toys are: Leapster 2 Leapfrog, LEGO, Erector Toys and many more unique toys that are more than just playable for the sake of fun.

Now that you know a thing or two about how to choose a gift for your kid, it’s time to check the list of Top Christmas Toys 2010 and follow these steps in order to know you’ve purchased the perfect toy and gift for your kid, whether for his birthday or as a Christmas present.

Happy holidays everybody!


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