Fisher Price Stride To Ride Dino: A Word Of Caution

I am very careful when it comes to recommending walkers. I know how much of a challenge it was for me to get a good walker that was safe for my son when he was learning to walk. The Fisher Price Stride to Ride Dino is a good walker with a tiny shortcoming.

The face of the dinosaur is just lovable but that was not the deciding factor for me. I like the fact that the walker is convertible. It can be used as a walker with more than enough foot space for baby and by closing the extensions it immediately becomes a ride on.

Out of the box assembly is required but with the easy to follow instructions it was a breeze. There are 9 pieces and 8 screws altogether and while all the parts snap together easily the head was the hardest part of the assembly. Still it was not too bad at all.

Recommended for kids ages 9-36 months I think it all depends on the size of your child. For some 36 months children the dino may already be too small, I am not kidding. There is a weight limit of 44 pounds so be warned.

Playtime with Dino

If your baby is at the stage where she/he is learning to walk the Dino is a perfect solution. Babies can grab hold of the handles and stroll comfortably behind the walker with the legs apart. They can also enjoy the toy as a ride along once the legs are closed. A cool feature that no doubt will prompt babies to keep moving along is that the Dino comes to life with lights and sounds once in motion.

This did the trick for my niece who just wanted to stand and hold on to Dino but once she discovered the lights and sound she was hooked and started taking her first steps.

Although I do not find the sounds overbearing some parents may not agree. The solution for this is the volume controls, off, low and high.

Stride to Ride Dino is a good sturdy toy so there is little chance of the toy tipping over onto baby. This is sometimes hard to prevent with most walkers so it’s a plus for me with Dino.

A cautionary note:

The wheels on the Stride to Ride Dino are free rolling which makes it a great toy for the ride on option. As a walker however it will not offer much resistance which can be harmful if your baby places his/her entire weight against the walker. There may a danger of the entire toy flying forward due to the lack of resistance.

Parents please use your discretion and perhaps use the toy in carpeted areas where there may be some form of resistance. If you do use on smooth surfaces like the hardwood floors you will want to maintain constant supervision.


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