Finding the Perfect Games For Your Dinner Party

Depending on the theme of your dinner party, there are all sorts of games you can play. Here are a few examples of games available to you and your guests.

Some Games for Adults

If you’re looking for fun and frivolity, something like a casino night or a murder mystery can be a lot of fun. In the case of the former, you can usually pick up the items you need at a local party store – dice, chips, cards, and the rules of various games. With a murder mystery, you can either reveal a few clues over each course or have your guests act out a prepared script.

Another great game is to give each guest the name of a famous person and pin it on them somewhere where they can’t see it. Then, over the course of the evening, they have to ask the other guests questions to try and figure out who they are.

Including the Children

On the other hand, if your party is going to include children, a series of simple board games can be ideal. You can set up a couple of games – one for the kids and one for the adults. Many adults still enjoy a game of Monopoly – a chance to win their fortune, if only for a night. Charades and Karaoke are also ideal for both adults and children; everyone can participate in those two activities, and have a great deal of fun.

Going with a Theme

If your party has a theme to it, you can find games that fit that. As an example, if you’re doing a Mexican party, get a piñata for the guests to smack away at. Of course, you do need room for that, so don’t get one unless you’ve got a yard or deck available.

Something More Intellectual

If your party is going to be strictly adults, and you’re interested in something a bit more cerebral, you can play Trivial Pursuit. Not only is there the basic edition, but you can get one that has a theme to it: entertainment, the 60s, music, and so on. Beyond that, you can come up with questions of your own; you could ask your guests things like: what era would you must like to have lived in? What’s their favorite movie, and why? What literary character do they most identify with? Oh, there are plenty of questions you can come up with.

Old Fashioned Fun

If you have a big backyard, and you’re having a summer party, consider doing games like an old fashion county fair. It can take some organizing to set up, but is also loads of fun. You can set up a ring toss game, get some wood or plastic milk bottles and make a pyramid stack of six of them – and let people try to knock them down with baseballs, and so on. You can blow up some small balloons, attach them to a fence wall, and then let people throw darts at them. If you visit a discount store, party supply place etc you can even get little prizes to give out to your guests when they win at a game.

So, it’s easy to see, you can set up games that are simple or elaborate. The main point is always to have fun!


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