Family Time Should Be Fun Time! Not Worry About Money Time! How To Have A Good Time on a Low Income

The economy has hit the nation very. Families are having a hard time paying bills. People are finding it very difficult to even find a job to pay those bills. With all the financial strain, people are spending less and less. The average family with two parent income are trying to save every penny. In the process of saving and not spending, the children suffer. The children feel that there isn’t enough activities for them to do because almost everything requires money. Families are not going on vacations like they use to. The children are faced with talking on the cell phones, playing video games, are spending more time surfing the Internet. Parents are at their breaking points of financial struggle and do not know what to do to bring the family back together again. There is hope for the family. In this economy, families think that they have to have a lot of money to spend time together. This isn’t so! Just need to be creative and come together. Bring the family together and plan. Be spontaneous! Be positive! Let everyone bring their ideas together and have fun while doing so. This will bring the family together tonight!

Be creative! There is a lot that families can do together in spite of the current economic down fall. Families can come together. They can plan different activities to do that don’t require a lot of money. In the warm sunny months, instead of cooking inside families can go to the park and cook out on the grill. This doesn’t require money. It requires food, fun and laughter! The second thing a family can do is have “family night” once a week. On this night the family can spend time playing board games, watching a family movie, or just talking about different things. This night can also be a night with no computers, cell phones, or video games unless playing them together. This can be a family night filled with fun and excitement for the whole family. The children will love it! They may even share the fun news with their friends. A family can also go out for dessert after dinner one night. Buy a dollar ice cream cone for the whole family and sit in the parking lot of your favorite fast food restaurant and just enjoy each others company.

Spending time with each other shouldn’t be hard work. It doesn’t have to cost a lot money either. This financial down fall has a lot of families splitting up instead of coming together. Money is one that keeps the family balanced or tear it apart. But the bond, love, and laughter should keep the family growing and going strong. Don’t allow money to drive a wedge between you and your family. Spend as much time together as possible. Single families can also incorporate a lot of activities with each other. It takes two in today’s household but single households can bond together as well.

It really doesn’t take much at all to enjoy the company of each other. It just takes determination, a willingness to do it and creativity. As your children grow older, they will never forget all the fun things and the time well spent with each other. This is what children remember the most. It’s not how much money you spent on them. It’s how much you spent with them. Sit down with your family and schedule your family nights. Schedule the menu and the budget for the night. Enjoy one another’s company. Love hard. Laugh often. Hug all the time. Always show your love.


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