Do You Have Enough Evidence?

Of all material things, the most dreaded loss is your memories. Whether they be photos, videos, audio, and yes even our mental memories. Every time in a while, I think about my plan to gather all my photos and videos if God forbid I ever had to leave my house due to some disaster (just a thought though). I even have a fire safe that holds cd's with digital photos and videos of my children. After all isn't it my job to provide proof of my child's existence. Without these items my child could potentially grow up one day and think, are you really my mother?

Essentially we can categorize all of these as evidence. Evidence of our happiness, sadness, fun, boredom, highs, lows, family, friends, firsts and lasts. I am a fairly young mother and should have a fabulous memory. My oldest child is 12 and my youngest is 5. But when I think back, I can only remember a handful of things that my oldest daughter did as a child. Most of those memories are really bad things she did as a child. None of them are the sweet and innocent things that I know she did. I have photo's and videos but none of those caught her daily little personality. I greatly regret not being able to have a journal of some sort that I can share with her as she get's older.

The 2nd time around with my youngest, I recognized early on that I really wanted to enjoy seeing all of her firsts, and cherish all the memories I let slip by in the past. I was a stay at home mom for the 1st 2 years of her life, but even though I was home with her I was still forgetting as the days passed. I began writing things down in a journal, and also using social networking sites to share these moments. However, I did notice that even on social networking sites it was not that easy to go back and look over them. The easiest proof of evidence I had was journal, because it was all about her and only her. I was able to go back to the beginning and relive those memories, and laugh all over again.

Many people think that photo's and videos are enough. In this digital world we are in, how many times have you heard of someone's computer crashing, lost cell phones, lost camera's, or simply just no time to print and order photo's. When our first babies are born we take so many photo's, but the second and third child don't have nearly as many. This is something that we are all guilty of, but now we need to understand the importance of capturing those moments.

Our children are growing up fast and there is nothing we can do to stop it. The same way we sit down and look through old albums, we should be looking over memory books. How awesome it would be if my mom had a memory book about me, that I can look over and see the cute and funny things i would say. I don't remember being a child, I know I had a good life but don't remember too much of it. It would be so cool to compare my thoughts to my own children's thoughts. I would love it even just for myself to look over and realize that the same happiness my children bring to me, I also brought to my own mother, enough so that she took the time to create a memory book about me.

There are so many parents that work full time, some work away from the home, military families, and even families that experience tragedy. Capturing these moments are much more evident in these scenarios because someone is missing out on these memories.

Here are some of the moments I have been able to capture:

"Adults can say bad words, so when I'm bigger I'm going to say bad words." 3 yo

"Just in case you drown, I will call the police." (reason for wanting to stay with me while taking a shower) 3 yo

"Mommy are you tired?" I replied "Yes" she then said "Well, I'm tired of you sleeping so get up and make me breakfast." 3 yo

Do you have enough Evidence? There will come a day when we will be fighting, screaming, and punishing our adorable little kids. There will come a time to share funny stories with friends, families, and one day significant others. This is the time when the amount of evidence you have will will come in handy. Whether your just looking for a good laugh, hoping to embarrass your child or leave a sweet message in a high school graduation yearbook. Taking the time to capture as much as you can is priceless. Ask yourself do you have enough evidence? if you don't, it's never to late to start.

"If you don't capture it, who will?"



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