Dinosaur Train DVD – 3 Awesome Options for Your Dinosaur Fan

Who needs a Dinosaur Train DVD? Your kids probably think they do, and what would make a better stocking stuffer or birthday present than giving them their favorite episodes so they can watch them whenever they want? Below I have outlined three of the awesome options that are available right now; get any or all of them for your dino fan and just watch the huge smile form on their face.

1. Dinosaurs in The Snow: Offering some of the funnest scenes on TV for kids, this DVD revisits the arctic adventures that Buddy and his family have when they visit the North Pole and the northern Troodons. Singing, dancing, snow flakes falling, perfect for the holiday season, your child will love getting to watch this DVD over and over again, especially around the holidays. They get to know Travis and what the Troodons do on a long winter night, including of course ice skating and knock the frozen gourd around. And don't forget about making a snow dinosaur!

2. Dinosaurs Under the Sea: Probably the coolest and most innovative way of introducing the different time periods as well as the many different species, these episodes take the Dinosaur Train to a whole new level; below sea level. Buddy, Tiny and family get to learn all about Cretoxyrhina, the shark's ancestor, Michelinoceras, the squid from the Triassic period, and many more interesting creatures. Children absolutely love taking the Dinosaur Train under water, they get to learn about even more species while doing something pretty exciting, traveling in a water tunnel.

3. Dino-Mighty Music: Love the songs from the Dinosaur Train episodes? Well you can get the collection of them all in one place, whether it is the Dinosaur A to Z song, or Tiny's classic Fish Wish song, your kids will love being able to watch them all whenever they want. The writers and creators of this show were very creative and wrote some pretty catchy tunes, many children have easily learned the many species of dinosaurs thanks to their songs.

Above were three awesome Dinosaur Train DVD options that you can choose from; the perfect birthday or Christmas present for your dino fan, get them exactly what they have been wanting. A really fun option is the Dinosaurs in the Snow DVD, just in time for Christmas! For something interesting, entertaining and very informative, you can get the Dinosaurs Under the Sea, and if you just love singing those Dinosaur Train songs, you can pick up the Dino-Mighty Music DVD.


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