Dinosaur: Getting to Know the Therizinosaurus

It’s possible that people might think that I’m starting to make dinosaur names up, as a friend of mine said the other day when I said I’m going to write a short introduction to the Therizinosaurus. Let’s face it, he said, who’s ever heard of a Therizinosaurus. We’ll I can face that fact as this is an extremely unusual dinosaur and I can well believe that it’s not particularly well-known. I don’t believe it features in many stories or films, but none the less it deserves notice.

The Therizinosaurus, or Ther as we’re going to refer to them, lived in the late Cretaceous period around 77 million to 69 million years ago. Whilst Ther was a meat-eater, so to speak, they basically feed on insects. One has to note that insects tended to be rather larger than the ones we are used to these days and they would have made a good snack for this dino, even though they weighed in at around 5 tons, with adults reaching around 30 feet in length. The belief is that these creatures dug into large anthills and had their fill.

Whilst experts originally described Ther as a giant turtle, it soon proved to be nothing of the kind. Unlike a lot of dinosaurs, Ther had very long foreclaws, which measured as long as a quarter of the length of their arm and it was with these giant claws, that possibly reached 2 foot in length, which were attached to the end of 8 foot long arms that made it possible to dig into the ground / anthill.

Looking at Ther one may get a little confused as they would have looked unlike other dinosaurs. Starting at the head, the skull was small and it sat on a long neck. This dino had a bulky broad body and would have walked on two legs. The arms were very long and featured the extra-long claws. I’m sure they didn’t drag along the floor, however you can build up a picture in the mind that would have looked much like that or Edward scissor hands.

Not a lot else is none about Ther as we haven’t seen a complete specimen that I’m aware of. But from this introduction you can understand why this Dinosaur was totally unique. The internet and books are a great source of information and you can see various pictures of how experts believed Ther to look. Bullyland have delivered a fantastic model and it is really worth a look.


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