Children’s Crafts For Daddy on Father’s Day

There are plenty of fun and easy crafts that your children can make for their daddy on Father’s Day. For these crafts that will be mentioned, the materials are inexpensive to buy and require minimal parental supervision. A double plus for the busy mom!

The first gift your child could make for her daddy on Father’s Day is a dough handprint. 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of water, 1 cup of salt, and food coloring, and your child will have tons of fun playing in this squishy concoction! Just make sure the dough is relatively hard and flattened into about a half an inch thick or so before having your child make their handprint. Pop in the oven for 2-3 hours on 200 degrees until fully cooked. Then let cool so your child can decorate with markers and glitter. Then your child’s personalized gift from the heart is finished.

The next craft to make for Father’s Day, is a hand-painted coffee mug. All you need is a ceramic coffee mug, Porcelain 150 glaze (sold at arts and crafts stores), and watercolor brushes. This craft is quick and easy to make. After your child has decided on how to decorate their mug for daddy, have your child use the watercolor brush to apply the colored glaze in their design. Let air dry for 24 hours before baking in the oven for 30-40 minutes on 325 degrees and their finished!

A personalized shirt or boxers is also a great gift for daddy on Father’s Day. The materials needed are a cotton t-shirt or pair of boxers sized accordingly, a piece of cardboard, and any kind of fabric paint or markers your child wants to use to make their pattern. To ensure that the t-shirt or boxers does not bunch up and smear the fabric paint, it is recommended that you insert the cardboard under the shirt and tack it into place. Then let your child unleash their creativity! Just be sure it is completely dry before giving it to their father!

The final project your child could make is a collage of pictures. Have your child choose pictures that they would like to use, or take new pictures and get them developed. Then use a tag board or piece of cardboard and have your child arrange the pictures how they see fit and glue them into place. As an added touch your child could also use ribbon or glitter to decorate the borders of the collage. With a little bit of assistance from mom, this project will be sure to put a smile on any man’s face!

Not only will these crafts keep your child busy, it will also give them a sense of pride in that they created something with their own two hands for daddy on Father’s Day!


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