Best Selling RC Car: CyClaws From Bandai

CyClaws is a unique remote control vehicle with a racing car body design and futuristic style. The uniqueness of this CyClaws is that the RC’s wheels can transform into claws. The claws can be retrieved in three ways: by manual operation, by remote control, or when the CyClaws hits an obstacle. As operated, the RC car will perform tricks spontaneously much to the user’s delight.

The CyClaws Remote Control Vehicle can run both in closed-claw mode and in claw mode. The RC tires are equipped with a locking mechanism which allows you to operate the CyClaws in both modes. A CyClaws in closed-claw mode can run at high speeds as regular RC racing cars. However, when the claws are released, you will get entertaining view; the RC vehicle will do some tricks without waiting for you to operate it. The CyClaws will perform amazing stunts like spins, wheelies, and flips. While the remote control car flips, you will see that there is a driver on the car’s undercarriage. To trigger nuanced spins, you can utilize the remote control’s two joysticks.

The scale 1:12 Remote Control Vehicle is powered with a rechargeable nickel hydrogen 9.6 volt battery pack and can be recharged using a recharger which is available within the toy’s package. Prior to playing, you need to charge the 9.6 volt battery pack for four hours. As for the remote control, you will need a 9 volt battery. You should purchase the 9 volt battery separately, though, since it is not included within the box.

It is better to play the CyClaws RC car in open spaces such as the sidewalks, pavements, or short-grassed turfs. As the RC vehicle is fast and will do some tricks when bumps into obstacles, it will be easier playing the RC car without any walls around. For outdoor play, the CyClaws is durable and challenging since it can run through varied terrains. This RC vehicle measures 10.5 x 9.7 x 4 inches and weighs 4 pounds. Recommended for children from 6 to 12 years old, the toy is not suitable for 3 years olds since it can cause choking hazards.

About Bandai

Bandai is the world’s third largest toy manufacturer which was founded on July 5, 1950. Based in Taito, Japan, the company is especially dedicated for producing toys, video games, and plastic model kits. In 2006, Bandai joined Namco and found the Bandai Namco Group. Within the group, Bandai is trusted to handle the group’s Toys and Hobby Strategic Business Unit.


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