A Christmas Snow by Jim Stovall

The Story of How an Icy Blizzard Melts an Icy Heart

A successful restaurateur, an elderly gentleman and a 10 year old troubled child, make up the unlikely trio featured in Jim Stovall’s novel “A Christmas Snow.”

As a result being abandoned by her father on Christmas Eve nearly 30 years earlier Kathleen Mitchell no longer observes any of the traditional Christmas celebrations. Sam Mitchell had one important request on his Christmas list – to see his daughter. Ten year old Lucy Wright’s mother had passed away and now Lucy is insecure and desperately trying to hold on to her father’s attentions. Struggling with these unresolved emotional issues Kathleen, Lucy, and Sam are drawn together in a set of unusual and unexpected circumstances.

A blizzard hit the Tulsa area three days before Christmas. The city was left without electricity. Kathleen with her two unexpected guests were devastated, no electricity, a cell phone with a dead battery, and a garage door – frozen shut.

In a surprising chain of events the odd trio “weathered the storm.” A bonding relationship develops which leads them through an amazing healing process. Jim Stovall intertwines the gifts of faith, friendship, family and forgiveness throughout the story.

Stovall’s writing is sensitive and compelling, filled with elements of conflict, surprise, and strong character development.

“A Christmas Snow” promises hope to the reader with inspiration and motivation to resolve longstanding unresolved relationship difficulties. A strong message of faith, hope, and forgiveness brilliantly written.

Destiny Image Publishers, Inc., 978-0768435191,

As Reviewed for Midwest Book Review.


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