5 Things That Are Illegal That Can Still Be Done and Are So Much Fun!

1. If you have ever gone over 65mph on a highway, you are breaking the law. If you work hard in life or you're a spoiled rich kid and drive a Corvette, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mustang, etc. and you dare to double the speed limit, which these cars today, pumping out over 600hp can easily triple the speed limit. What happens when you are pulled over by Johnny law? You will be going away for a long time and you won't be driving again, unless you are the spoiled rich kid and can have your chauffer drive you around in your limo. But have no fear, if you do own one of these exotic cars mentioned or another fast moving vehicle, there is a place for you to go and satisfy your speed lust. Google your local drag strip, and YES for typically $ 25 or so you can bring your hot ride and let the laser gun be damned. This is your time with your vehicle that you can bond like no other as you get to feel the rev limiter, as you change gears and go through the quarter mile as quickly as your car and your driving skills will allow.

2. If you strap a six shooter to your side and walk around town, like it's the Wild West, it won't be long before Johnny Law has you pinned down with a swat team and is tasering you until every bodily fluid oozes out of you or you are just simply shot and killed. But your dreams of being John Wayne do not have to be dashed. You can find your local firing range, ala Google or your favorite search engine and for the price of ammo and to rent the gun, around $ 30. If you have never fired a gun the experience can be over whelming. The sheer power of it, of knowing that you hold death in your hands, is an awing experience perhaps only compared to a feeling of truly feeling god like with the power and tool to take life. Then when you squeeze off your first round, even with protective ear covers, the sound still penetrates your ear drum with a slight ring. The smell of gun powder, the shots bouncing around in your head, and watching the flash of fire as a bullet cartridge comes flying out will have you hooked for wanting to own and operate and fire your own tank. Don't take it just for the experience either, remember there's also the empowering feeling of knowing there is a legal way to practice as you attempt to be the next Billy the Kid!

3. If you've ever been on an airplane and decided to open up the side door to jump out, it won't be long before either an Air Marshall or all of the passengers have you subdued post 9/11. However, jumping out of a perfectly good airplane is often one of the most exhilarating experiences you'll ever have. When they first open up the door at 10,000 ft above the ground, the shock of how violent the air rushes past the plane will take your breath away. Then as you stand, looking out the door and you hear the count down from 3, 2, 1 … whoosh! Your body goes from zero to 150mph in 3 seconds. Your brain cannot compute what is happening; it exceeds all of your senses. You fall into euphoria, its all your body can do as your brain has ceased functioning. You will never see a picture of someone skydiving and not smiling. It's impossible, that's all you can do, as your brain and body thinks you are about to splat on the ground all you can do is smile through the air and see the world as you have never seen it before.

4. Swim with sharks and not in a cage. If you tried to enter a zoo where they keep the lions, tigers, and bears, the rangers would probably put you down with the same type of tranquilizer they use to subdue those animals or the animals will get you first and make some type of human toy out of you. But there are places that you can go where sharks are commonly found and are not held behind cages or in an unnatural setting like feeding them and being in a cage watching them. It is amazing to scuba dive with whales and dolphins, but something about a shark and the fact that they can eat you alive, like all of your child hood nightmares about the monster under your bed, except the sharks are very real and so are its teeth. Go to a spot where sharks are always seen. Leopard sharks off La Jolla, CA, Blue Sharks off Catalina Island, Nurse Sharks and Hammerheads in the Florida Keys, Gray Reef Sharks in the Turks and Caicos, and in the Bahamas. There are many places still left that sharks are abundant and can be seen in their natural environment. Swimming in the open ocean next to a shark is a memory you will have for a life time and an exciting story to boot. My son has a picture of a Gray Reef Shark proudly displayed in his room that I took while diving in the Turks and Caicos.

5. You can get pulled over and receive a ticket if you don't buckle up in your automobile. But you can jump on a motorcycle and whiz right by Johnny Law and no seat belt is required! A helmet might be, depending on the state you reside in. (Always check with your State Highway Patrol for the minor regulations to avoid an easily avoidable ticket). Riding a motorcycle is such a care free experience. It has elements of skydiving, mixed with the adrenaline of drag racing. As you are essentially sitting on a motor with two wheels. There is nearly zero weight keeping your motorcycle from go-go-going. You can rent bikes in every state, from Harley's to sport bikes. So whatever your taste, get out, ride, and see the world. A happy motorcyclist? He's the one with a dashing smile full of distasteful bugs and proud of his trophies!



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